Current Lip duo.

Say hello to my new everyday lip combo. *Hello*
I have recently been lining my lips with this Kylie Jenner esque colour, which I love. Some days I have been leaving them be, others I have been topping them up with my new favourite gloss. I literally cannot get enough of this combo.
I may only have luscious lips when I get on the train, but it is enough for me.

A day at Ikea.


For me, Ikea is like heaven on earth.
There is no where better than that big blue and yellow building. I love walking around and looking at all of the things that I do not need. I think if I could live in an Ikea, I probably would.
This week, instead of our usual Sunday walk; I went with my mum and sister the land of all things home. We arrived early enough for breakfast and filled our boots before we embarked on our mission.
I managed to find the majority of things that I was after, whereas my sister became preoccupied by everything. Safe to say, a lot of random things were added to our trolleys.
I think one of the best things about Ikea is the hotdog stall at the end. After our huge shopping trip we rewarded ourselves with hotdogs and milkshake. Delish.
Instead of doing the worlds longest post about Ikea, I will be posting my haul in tiny bits over the coming weeks. Mainly to pad out my scheduled posts, I jest.

Too much.

I have a lot of beauty products and I mean a lot. I get a huge rush from wearing a new lipstick and trying a new bath oil. But is it really worth it? Why am do I keep buying nude nail varnishes when I already own 12 similar colours?
There is something really scary about being sucked into a materialistic lifestyle. I don't want to be known as frivolous purely because I cant stop buying eye shadow.
I love a good beauty blog and I easily fall into the world of new launches and special editions.
I recently sorted out my beauty stash pre house move, for me, this was a huge eye opener into what I needed and what I actually use. Realistically, I don't need many new things at all. I have found the 'perfect' product countless times over. But the lure of a dupe makes me itch to buy another bronzer which is slightly less muddy.
From now on, I need to learn to slim line my stash. I'm a big girl now and, maybe, my days of racking up the boots points are well and truly over.

Brow routine.

I have big brows. I am a huge fan of the big brow look. Mainly because it takes a little less upkeep than more defined brows. Lazy girl logic.
The best thing about big brows is that I can (reasonably) hap hazzardly fill them in with powder. For a considerable amount of time, I have been using a dark Soap and Glory eye shadow to fill them in.
A reasonably new addition to my brow routine is an angled brush. I honestly don't know what I did before I used this?!
Long live the big brows.
Soap & Glory Lid Stuff/ &Other Stories Angled Brow Brush

even more home stuff.

I seriously cannot get enough of buying home stuff.
Today's instalment brings us bathroom bits. How cute are the little pots? I am so excited to fill up the soap dispenser it is unreal.

Am i mermaid yet?

I bloody love baths. I love baths so much that I wish I was a mermaid so I could live in the sea. Yeah, that's right.
I welcome anything that will make a bath better, and in this case, we have some jazzy bath salts. This nice little pack is from &Other Stories and has lasted me a fair few baths.
They aren't the most luxe of salts, but they definitely add a little something extra to my bath.
Also, I think that by adding salt to my bath I am an extra step closer to mermaid status, right?
&Other Stories Bath Salts

How many times can a person say bath?

Bang, and the polish is gone.

Removing nail varnish has to be one of my biggest annoyances. Which is why I am so shocked that I never got on the remover pot hype earlier?
Essentially, all you have to do is pop your finger in the pot and after a few seconds you will find your nails polish free. This is particularly exciting if you like to use glitter polish. It is still a bit of a pain to remove, but much, much better.
Another great thing about this is that it includes some nourishing oils for your nails and cuticles - leaving them feeling very happy.
Bourjois 1 Second Nail Varnish Remover

what i read on my commute.

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell
I have always been a sucker for chick lit, I also love a bit of teen chick lit. Don't get me wrong, i'll happily read the classics and push my literary brains to the limit. But sometimes, you've just gotta read trash, right?
This is exactly where Rowell's Fangirl comes in. Fangirl, follows fanfic writer Cath through the first year of University as she struggles to manage her writing, school and love.
Cath writes fanfic about a novel which is very similar to Harry Potter, something which I wasn't too keen on as I felt they were bit too similar.
The book also includes exerts from this series and Cath's fanfic between chapters, however, I shamefully skipped them. They just weren't written aswell as the rest of the story.
This novel is extremely well written and had me constantly turning the page. Or tapping my Kindle.
I really enjoyed this and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is after a light read.

The Sparkler

Lush - The Sparkler
The greatest time of the year is nearly upon us, meaning that all of the best Lush bath bombs are released. Naturally, I couldn't miss an opportunity to treat myself to a few amazing baths. With firework night on the horizon, The Sparkler was an obvious choice.
This little bad boy packed a punch when I dropped it into the bath. Everything went yellow and with shoots of red appearing randomly. My favourite bit was the huge streams of glitter that The Sparkler produced. The smell was delicious and it was one of the most moisturising baths i've ever had. Deffo worth picking up before firework night.

Baking haul.

Since deciding to move out, I have gone a tad home haul crazy.
My most recent, and cutest, purchase comes in the form of a pink baking set. Complete with measuring cup, whisk, brush and spatula, it covers most of my baking needs. I probably didn't need these right away, but who can resit pink cooking utensils?
Bring on bake off!

Homeware haulin.

Today I share with you, 'stuff i'm excited about, but is actually really boring', in the form of a mini home haul.
It has come the time where I fly the nest and finally become a proper grown up. In my mission to furnish my new home with stuff I need, I have started with the main essentials. Cutlery, bin and towels. Best of all, all of these bits were on sale in Sainsburys (who, by the way, have an amazing home section) meaning in the long run, I can buy even more junk for my new home... Kidding Mum!

Body shop haul.

The Body Shop is soon becoming my go to place for all things skincare. Firstly, I cannot get enough of their Camomile cleansing range. Not only is the balm incredible, the oil is also sublime; both take my make up off quickly and leave my skin hydrated and soft. Another firm favourite has to be the serum in oil. I can't rave enough about this product, it is literally good sleep in a bottle and has improved my skin dramatically. As someone who is firmly on the BB train, I picked up the Body Shop's offering and so far I am suitably impressed. The perfect base for a lazy Sunday.
On this trip to The Body Shop, I renewed my loyalty card, and so earned myself a free shower gel and a few mini samples. Bonus.

what i read on my commute.

Revenge Wears Prada - Lauren Weisberger
I am a huge fan of The Devil Wears Prada. The film has to be one of my all time favourites and I always find myself coming back to the book. Naturally, I had to read the sequel.
Revenge Wears Prada, comes back to Andy ten years after her Runway days. She's about to get married and has her own, very successful, magazine.
I was really excited to read this because of my love for the original. But, I wasn't exactly bowled over. The plot wasn't at all as interesting as the first one - and for me, there just wasn't enough Miranda!
I would say that this is a perfect holiday read, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who adores The Devil Wears Prada as much as I do. But I am not singing about it from the rooftops.
That is all.

Candle haulin.

I love candles. Like, seriously, I am a bit of a candle addict. So, naturally, when I saw that Sainsburys had a sale on candles, I went bezerk and bought two.
The first thing I need to point out with these candles, is that they are the size of my head. They are definitely the biggest three wick candles I have ever seen. They also give off an amazing aroma unlit. I have spent of good proportion of my day picking them up and sniffing them. Delish.
I am normally a huge vanilla candle fan, so I decided to go for something different; a fruity option and something lavender for days when I need a little calming action.
For now, I am off to start my 30 hour burn time. Bliss.

The new cleanser.

The Body Shop - Camomile Cleansing Oil

A while ago, I fell in love with the Body Shop 'Camomile Cleansing Butter'. Everything about it was amazing. So, naturally, when an oil came out I just knew I had to get my hands on it.
I can safely say that this is just as brilliant as the balm version.
It still smells amazing, and it also does an awesome job at taking everything off of my face.
All I need is 2 pumps to take the entire day away. This product is practically perfect in everyway.
Love. Love. Love.

Birthday treats.

This year, I decided to move into my own place a week after my birthday. Meaning, that I got some amazing home treats. One of the best presents came as a huge box of goodies. Needless to say, I was overjoyed to open the box and find a whole heap of cool bits to decorate my home.
I know the girls who bought this will be reading, so thanks ladies for making my day and getting me started on making my place as homely as possible!

Soap and Glory haul.

If you're a regular around these parts, you will know that I am a Soap and Glory mega fan.
On a recent trip to Boots, I decided to pick up a few bits from my favourite brand.
Firstly, I went for another 'one heck of a blot' after hitting pan on my current version. I love this so much that there was no way that I could let myself run out.
As a lip lover, I couldn't possibly resist the 'sexy mother pucker lip laquer'; at first, I wanted to get the bright red, but then, this bright shocking pink, took my eye and I knew it was coming home with me. I have worn this a few times and this is by far one of the glossiest and brightest lip products I have ever used.
Lastly, I went for something a wee bit different in the form of a 'face massage mitt'. This is a tiny little pink mitt with bobbles all over it to exfoliate the face. Pretty weird, but also, pretty satisfying.

Kindle Case.

It is no secret that I like to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my bag. Since falling head over heels in love with my Kindle, I decided it was time to buy a case to keep it from getting lost in the depths of my famously huge bags.
Okay, so I know that this is actually a mini iPad case. But it is the coolest thing that my Kindle could ever be housed in.
When I saw this Marvel case in the Primark boys section, it was time to pretend I was buying a present, and treat myself to the best thing ever.
You won't believe all of the jealous looks I get when I use this on the train.

Bills, Bills, Bills.



I have wanted to go to Bills for ages. So when it came to picking my birthday lunch, Bills was the obvious choice.
Luckily, it was everything I expected, and more.
Firstly, the interior was so cool! The whole place was decorated with jams and jars, which created a hugely quaint feel.
But moving onto the most important thing, the food. Mum went for a halloumi and humus burger which she said was gorgeous. I went for a burger and guacamole, as a burger lover, I can safely say that this was delicious. The chips were also amazing, and I really find that good chips are hard to come by.
Unfortunately, we didn't have room for pudding, but I am sure we will return soon to squeeze one in.
A thumbs up all round for Bills.

what i read on my commute.

Leandra Medine - Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls.
As a huge Man Repeller fan, I have been dying to read this book for months. So, naturally, post Kindle purchase, it was time to get reading.
If you have never found yourself reading the Man Repeller blog, (where have you been? You are seriously missing out.) Leandra, along with Amelia and Charlotte, write hilarious posts about everything from Fashion to Kanye.
Medine is the main lady behind Man Repeller and she is definitely a laugh a minute. Her whit and dry sense of humour can be found on every page of her book, and I found myself giggling throughout.
Seeking Love. Finding Overalls. is where Medine looks back upon some of her most memorable items of clothing and recounts how they got her into many sticky situations.
If you want to feel better about any of your own life mishaps, look this way. Leandra has your back.

Playing with light.

Cheek pop.

I would like to introduce one of my newest favourite things. This little cheek pop blush is blooming amazing.
When I first apply this to my cheeks it looks extremely pink, like Barbie bright pink. Have no fear, after a bit of blending this looks like a proper little natural flush.
I always make sure that I never take this past my iris to ensure I don't look too OTT. But so far, I haven't been told I look like a doll so I take that as a plus?
The best thing about this is that it lasts all day. And I mean all day. Even after 12 hours I still look naturally flushed, even if the rest of my face looks awful.
No7 Pop& Glow, Cream Blush.

Pink lips.

L'Oreal 24Hour Lip Colour in Flawless Fuscia
I love a bold lip. I am no stranger to crazy colours, so when I found this in a beauty box I was pretty darn happy.
The best thing about Flawless Fuscia is the formulation.
The colour applies as a lovely matte lip, which I can confirm does not budge. When topped up with the balm it becomes a beautiful lip look.
You get the look of a glossy lip with all of the lasting power of a stain. Perfecto.
I am definitely going to investigate some other shades in this range.

what i read on my commute.

If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You - Kelly Cutrone
As an avid fan of The Hills and The City, I have been desperate to read this book for ages and when I saw it on the Kindle store the other day, I just knew I had to download it.
If you Have to Cry, Go Outside, is quite autobiographical but Kelly also throws in a few inspirational tips throughout. I have to say that this book is very similar to #GIRLBOSS, but even still, I loved it.
Don't be fooled by the title and Kelly's TV persona, she isn't a mega bitch. Cutrone is actually all about the development and success of the ladies. This book is all about girl power.
One of my favourite things about this book is that Kelly touches on being a Junior/Assistant quite a bit, and as someone who is living this life, I welcomed all of her tips. Especially, as she is da boss. It's always good to know what the boss wants. Especially someone as successful as Kelly Cutrone.
I also loved some of the truths about the fashion industry that this book unveils. I know it isn't all Prada and prancing, but sometimes, it is nice to be reminded by those who are in the loop.
All in all, I totally looooove this book.

Treacle Market.