Getting cooler.

For me, summer is officially over and I have started to re discover my winter wardrobe. I'll be honest, dressing for the colder months has to be one of my favourite things to do. I always prefer warmer clothes and layering. I'm also pretty nesh, so it's nice to have an excuse to wear a jumper.
I absolutely love this outfit, I can see it being brought out several times as the weather gets cooler.

The cool laptop bag.

I love a bit a gadgetry. I will hold my hands up and say that I like the odd techy toy. With a good gadget also comes the excitement of a new case. No, just me?
When I recently got a new laptop, a case was required. There was no way that I was going for a bog standard black one. So, naturally, I scoured the internet for the perfecto one.
As soon as my beady eyes landed on this I just knew it was the one.
Isn't it just a thing of loveliness?

what I read on my commute.

#Girlboss - Sophia Amoruso

 I have to share this book with the sisterhood. It is awesome.
#Girlboss, is an amazing book written by the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso. This book is essentially the worlds best cheerleader and rags to riches story rolled into one. Amoruso successfully imparts all of her best tips and snippets of wisdom on how to be the ultimate career woman.
Not only does Amoruso recount her rise to fame, #Girlboss also includes tales and advice from other #Girlbosses. I was especially giddy to find an entry from Leandra Medine, Man Repeller.
Something about #Girlboss, made me want to go out and set up my own business. No joke, whilst I was reading it, my mind was racing over ideas.
I completely and utterly recommend #Girlboss to any ladies 17-25. Any older and you might find it old hat, but I for one loved it.

2nd time.

Well well well. What do we have here? An outfit repeater? On a blog?!
Yeah, that's right. I have worn this here dress in a post before. Shock horror! Call the fashion police. Or don't. That is really up to you. 

The hair exfoliator.

Garnier - Ultimate Blends Polishing Scrub

Let me introduce you to one of the strangest products I have used recently.
A hair exfoliator?! Yes, you read correctly. An exfoliator for your locks.
Firstly, this smells amazing. So good in fact that it is probably good enough to eat.
This also is a pretty awesome conditioner, it leaves my hair feeling silky, soft and lovely.
As far as the exfoliating properties go, the jury is still out. Even so, if you see this out and about, it is worth adding to your basket. Mainly because it smells DEVINE.

Sunday walk


Sunday strolling is one of our newest passions. I can't get enough of spending sunny afternoons in my wellies, and hopping into muddy puddles.
Not only do I get a bit of fresh air in my lungs, I can make extra room for a huge Sunday tea. I love  a bit of balance.


The only way to really verify love for a product is if you repurchase. And as soon as I felt myself coming to the end of my Lush 'Tea Tree Toner Water', I knew I had to repurchase. Desperately.
This is honestly one of my favourite skincare products, ever. I can definitely say that it has helped to clear up my skin and balance my skin.
It is also one of the loveliest things to put on the skin, it is ridiculously soothing.
if you are after Lush skin, you need this. See what I did there?

Being little.

Being a measly five foot, finding a maxi dress that fits is like turning water into wine. Bearing this trauma in mind, I love a good petite range and they are my hold grail for all things maxi, jump and trouser.
I picked up this lovely maxi last year from Miss Selfridge and I absolutely love it. Not only is it the perfect length, it fits in all the right places.
Seeing as we hardly get any nice weather over here in the UK, I have only worn it a few times. But I can confirm, that it is both work and play appropriate.
Now we are starting to descend into the colder months, I am going to whip out my duster jacket or maxi cardi to wear with this. Mainly, in an attempt to hit a reasonable cost per wear. Buying short gal stuff aint cheap. 

i want moooooooore.

I am a complete sucker for anything Disney.
Obviously, when I saw a wash and make up bag featuring Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder - I knew it was going home with me.
The best bit? Together, these were a fiver from Primark. Love. Love. Love.


Here are a few pictures from a recent family trip to Pizza Express. Just wanted to post them because they are pretty. Over and out.

What I read on my commute.

Bret Easton Ellis - American Psycho
I'll be honest, I am not entirely sure where to start with this one..
On one hand, I really enjoyed this book. On the other, I was completely and utterly disturbed. The scenes in this novel are so graphic that there were times when I struggled to read on - Easton Ellis is especially successful at creating an insane amount of descriptive imagery.
American Psycho, is written from the perspective of Patrick Bateman, someone who can only be described as a psychopath. Unlike Ellis' previous novels, American Psycho follows a very detailed plot and we follow Bateman as he lives the Wall Street life of debauchery.
Without going into too much detail, Bateman kills a lot of people. And he gets a crazy level of pleasure from it.
Part of me wants to watch the film, just to compare the two. But I also worry that I just won't be able to hack all of the hacking again!
This isn't for the faint hearted, and it also isn't for the innocent. If you do fancy reading this, definitely read another Bret Easton Ellis first, just for a wee taster.

The perks of drinking water.

12 weeks ago, I decided I needed to drink more water. Not just a bit more, a lot more.
Previously, I was in a job where I couldn't drink unless I was on my lunch which lead to constant headaches. When this changed, I knew it was the perfect time to start being more hydrated.
For the past 12 weeks, I have aimed to drink at least 5 bottles of water a day. And you know what? I feel so much better for it.
The headaches have nearly completely stopped, I only get them when it is humid now. I don't need to drink caffeine to wake up, I feel bright and awake in a morning just from a smoothie. And my skin has cleared up massively.
My skin has improved in every aspect. Less breakouts and less dehydrated patches. I even think that my dark circles are decreasing. Who would of thought that good old water would have such a huge effect?
A few weeks ago, I went out a few times and my skin broke out massively. At the time I didn't understand what it was. After getting back on the water detox I found it was all the booze. Not good times. In the future, I will definitely take that into account.
Another shocking change is that I can no longer drink coke. If I drink coke, I now find myself with the worst headache.
Overall, I feel so might brighter and healthier since switching to water. My next aim is cut start cutting out my sugar intake..

Sunday get up.


At the weekend, I like to go for the comfiest outfits I can muster. I'm happy to throw on a jumper and jeans, where as, during the week I prefer to look a bit snazzier. (Probably because my favourite weekend activity is sleep)
So, here is my usual kinda Sunday get up (if i'm leaving the house, if not, its pjs alllll day).
I love this loose knit jumper, I picked it up a few years ago in the Mango sale and I wear it come rain or shine. Literally. In the warmer months I wear it just as a top - its see through, i know. In the winter, it is the easiest thing to layer up.
As for the rest, ballet shoes and the biggest bag I can find to throw all of my gubbins into.
But like I said, if PJs are acceptable. PJs it is. #lazygirlconfessions

Winford Manor

Winford Manor Hotel

If there is one thing which I love, it has to be staying in hotels. I love nothing more than not worrying about lifting a finger. Call me lazy or call me glamorous, I adore being a guest.
On my recent staycation, I stayed at the Winford Manor Hotel in Bristol. The hotel was essentially situated in the middle of nowhere which made it quite difficult to go for evening meals - however, it was close enough to Bristol city centre to make up for it.
As for breakfast, there wasn't a huge amount on offer at the continental breakfast, but they were serving delicious croissants with scrumptious jam that so I had to let them off.
The main interiors of the hotel were sleek and stylish which was definitely emulated in the rooms.
I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in the Winford Manor, but I would have to say that its rural location would make it best suited for someone after peace, quiet and country walks.  

Cafe Brigstow, Bristol

Whilst in Bristol, we stumbled across a lovely little café, Brigstow.
Firstly, I loved the décor. Especially the graffiti on the walls and the signed wooden stumps. As someone who isn't actually very cool, I love the whole hipster interiors thing.
Trying to be as cool as possible, I went for an ice coffee. I jest, I was tired and needed a caffeine hit. Food wise, I went for a club wrap and chips. This meal was huuuuuge, and delicious. This honestly has to be one of the best wraps I have ever had - mainly because it was toasted and hit the carby spot.
If you ever find yourself in Bristol and want a nice little place to nip for lunch, I definitely recommend the Brigstow.