Winford Manor

Winford Manor Hotel

If there is one thing which I love, it has to be staying in hotels. I love nothing more than not worrying about lifting a finger. Call me lazy or call me glamorous, I adore being a guest.
On my recent staycation, I stayed at the Winford Manor Hotel in Bristol. The hotel was essentially situated in the middle of nowhere which made it quite difficult to go for evening meals - however, it was close enough to Bristol city centre to make up for it.
As for breakfast, there wasn't a huge amount on offer at the continental breakfast, but they were serving delicious croissants with scrumptious jam that so I had to let them off.
The main interiors of the hotel were sleek and stylish which was definitely emulated in the rooms.
I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in the Winford Manor, but I would have to say that its rural location would make it best suited for someone after peace, quiet and country walks.  

Cafe Brigstow, Bristol

Whilst in Bristol, we stumbled across a lovely little café, Brigstow.
Firstly, I loved the décor. Especially the graffiti on the walls and the signed wooden stumps. As someone who isn't actually very cool, I love the whole hipster interiors thing.
Trying to be as cool as possible, I went for an ice coffee. I jest, I was tired and needed a caffeine hit. Food wise, I went for a club wrap and chips. This meal was huuuuuge, and delicious. This honestly has to be one of the best wraps I have ever had - mainly because it was toasted and hit the carby spot.
If you ever find yourself in Bristol and want a nice little place to nip for lunch, I definitely recommend the Brigstow.

a day in Bristol.

Another day of the staycation chronicles brings us to Bristol!
Just like in Bath, we jumped onto the Hop On - Hop Off bus and took a scenic tour of Bristol on top of a big red bus. 

Here is the SS Brunel, designed by, as the name suggests, Brunel. After this trip I can actually tell you quite a significant amount about this chap. Any questions? Send them to Brunel's new biggest fan over here.

Here is the beautiful Clifton suspension bridge. Luckily, on the day we visited it was closed, unless you wanted to walk across it. I say luckily, as nothing terrifies me more than suspension bridges and snakes. Not that there were many snakes around in Bristol.

I have a huge love for Banksy. So much so, I once created an entire project based upon his work. Obviously, whilst touring around Bristol, I kept my beedy eyes open for Banksy. I only saw one, and it had been vandalised, but it was pretty cool either way.

a trip to Weston Super Mare

What is a staycation without a trip to the seaside?
Even though the weather was quite hit and miss, (essentially it was a few days of April showers) we decided to head off to Weston Super Mare to soak up the sea breeze.

Half way through our walk, we came across the Pier. £1 later, we found ourselves walking along.

After spotting my ultimate guilty pleasure, the penny slots, I was in 2p heaven. Until they all ran out, that is. 

And what screams British seaside more than a ride on a donkey?

'The Odious City of Bath'

For this years holiday, it was time to jazz things up a little and have a mini staycation.
In an attempt to inject some culture into my week off, I headed off to Bristol and Bath with my grandparents for a few days of history and general touristy things.
For our time in Bath, we fully embraced our touristy nature, and viewed the city on a Hop On - Hop Off bus. I absolutely love these kind of trips and if I am ever a holiday maker in a city which does them, I always try to get on board. Geek alert.
The trip around Bath was great, and I managed to pick up some random facts about the city. For example, Queen Victoria hated bath and referred to it as, the 'Odious City of Bath'. Charming.
Bath is a beautiful city, so I ended up a getting a little snap happy. I hope you enjoy the next 70 million holiday pictures...