Cropping out.

The last item in my &OtherStories sale haul extravaganza is this here crop top/ bra hybrid. This looks great with a high waisted skirt and is seriously comfortable. I bought this with the sole intention to wear it under white tees but I have found it is one of the most multifunctional tops ever! Seriously, love.

Beauty booty.

Whilst perusing the &OtherStories website, I couldn't resist having a sneaky look at the beauty range which I have heard is amazing.
Firstly, I picked up the small eyebrow brush, something which I have been meaning to pick up for ages. I haven't been using it long, but this has proved a great addition to my brush collection and definitely welcomed by my brows.
As a new found gloss lover, I couldn't resist getting this lovely coral gloss in the sale. The brush is completely flat which makes for amazing application and there is a wonderful shimmer running throughout. When this first arrived, it had some great white packing around it which was beautiful - however, it took a good 5 minutes to get off.
Lastly, we have another sale purchase in the form of a lip liner. I went for dark pink which acts as the perfect Kylie Jenner shade. My lips are nowhere near the size of hers, but I like to think that when I apply this I look a little bit more glam. Probably not.

Body bits.

Can we please just stop and take a second to appreciate how beautiful the packaging of these products is? Also, how amazing is the jiffy bag that they came in? 10 points to &OtherStories.
I can't really comment on the body wash sample as of yet as I haven't used it, but if it anything like the body scrub it will be incredible. I used the Fig Fiction Body Scrub for the first time a few days ago and i was ridiculously impressed. It only took two small scoops to exfoliate my entire body and remove the last bit of my tan. This lathers up whilst exfoliating which means a little goes a seriously long way. This also smells incredible and the scent lingers for a good few hours. I am pretty sure that as soon as this runs out I will be repurchasing.
Are you are wondering what the big white packet contains? My favourite bath product ever, bath salts. Any bath is improved by the addition of bath salts. Both detoxing and amazing sleep inducing, what more could a girl want?

Foodies Festival





Here are a few snaps from the Foodie Festival at Tatton Park. Me and my mum took ourselves down for the day and we loved it!
We decided to go quite early to beat the rush - so happy we did, when we left at around 2:30 it was heaving and  everything had super long queues!
We were met by free samples and goodies everywhere we turned, luckily, we were both more than happy to try some treats.
Another great bit about the Festival, has to be the talks. We saw 2 of the Chef talks and we loved them!  
The only two annoying things were the line for Gaucho (unbelievably crazy long so we decided against it) and the lack of nitrogen ice cream! I had seen loads of things about nitrogen ice cream and it wasn't there - GUTTED.
However, the tastiness of all the food and the great atmosphere definitely made up for both of these things!
A lovely Sunday out!

Leather Goods.

I  recently made a few purchases on &OtherStories... I have decided to divvy them up into different categories and create a 'mini haul series'. Exciting, huh?
The first in my mini haul post collection are the Leather goods. Firstly, I was after a little pouch to put my train tickets in; I now commute daily so I need to know that my season pass isn't going to get lost! I came across this lovely little beige cardholder in the sale and it was love at first sight. It is of the highest quality and looks amazing when I whip it out on the train.
Another sale item which instantaneously grabbed my attention was this hot pink leather iPad case. Once again, this is made beautifully and its the perfect home for my favourite gadget.
I was so excited to open these that I gave a little squeal.

Nearly Naked.

Revlon 'Nearly Naked' is a product which I vowed I would stay away from last year when it was released. The thought of light to medium coverage scared me beyond belief.
Another year on, I am happier with my skin and willing to experiment with lighter bases. I had seen this time and time again attract rave reviews, so one Sunday, I took myself off too Boots and picked it up. I have worn it everyday since.
This foundation leaves a lovely finish with just enough coverage to make it look like i'm not wearing anything at all. This can easily last my 12 hour day with just one powder touch up. Impressively, the texture of this is weightless so I don't feel like my skin is being clogged after a long day in the City.
This is definitely a new favourite.
Revlon Nearly Naked.

The Daily Soothe.

I love baths. I love having a bath so much, that I frequently wish I was a mermaid so that I could live in the bath. Knowing this, some of my favourite girls recently treated me to 'The Daily Soothe' by Soap and Glory, an amazingly gloopy mixture which creates the most luxurious of baths.
One scoop of this is all I need to guarantee an amazing nights sleep. Simply swish this around in the bath to create a sensational lather which, of course, moisturises with S&G's signature scent. Bliss.

Disney Dudezzzzzz


There are two things that are well known about me. I love a good boy band and I love Disney. When Todrick Hall combined the two I fell in love.
These here videos are some of my absolute YouTube faves ever.
You might love them, or you might hate them.
... I hope it is the former and that this warms the cockles of your heart.
*Zoe, I hope I can depend on you to love this? 

Big up Kim

I used to want to be a Kardashian. Until about 30 minutes ago.
I used to think how great it would be to be a K-dash. Have amazing clothes and have a glam squad at your beck and call. Also, I would love to spend shit loads of time with Scott Disick. Who wouldn't want to live the fab life?

So why was my bubble burst I hear you cry?
Half and hour ago, I saw some tweets from Kim/Kimi/Keeks that something she said in an interview has totally been taken out of context. A few minutes later, whilst browsing the web all I can see is Kim being chastised for saying all pregnant women should stay at home.

As someone who lives life on the sarcastic side, I think it is pretty lame that Kim can't say anything remotely funny in an interview. More to the point, if she didn't try to be hilarious now and again, surely she would be branded as a drip? A wet lettuce? Fame whore?

I am sure that many Kardashian haters around the world will now be using this as another fuel to their fire. Feminism will be called into question, they will be branded as backwards women who show no regard to other women's feelings. Down with the Kardashian/Jenner empire!

Have you women with your burning bras, ever considered that Kim is a pretty big feminist? Look at her, she has made (with the help of Kris) an empire for herself and her family. She has gone out and worked for everything she has. She is, essentially, a hard core business women. Just because she is beautiful doesn't make this less so.

I will happily call myself a feminist. I am all about equality and rights. I am also all about us ladies not bringing each other down, enough men are doing that. Don't worry Kim, I got ya back.

What I read on the commute.

Another week, another book finished. This time, I devoured Sabine Durrant's  'Under your skin' which I would definitely say is a chick lit murder mystery hybrid. The novel begins with a woman finding a dead body on her morning run, we then follow her as the main suspect of the case.. however, all is not as it seems.
Some have claimed this as the next 'Gone Girl', although it is of the same kind of ilk I wouldn't say I loved it as much. I did really enjoy this, but Gone Girl definitely tops it for me.
This book very much lives in a stream of consciousness which helps to create pace. However, at times, it does seem a bit sporadic and difficult to follow. Saying this, the plot was thick enough that I was happy to carry on when it turned to mindless chatter.  
This was a nice easy read for my commute and I can definitely say that it was a nice book to dip in and out of twice a day.

The lab coat.

I love that when I get dressed I can be whoever the hell I want to be on that day. Today, I decided to whip on something lab coat esque and pretend that I am a mad scientist. I jest, I jest. I do, however, love this white over coat. I am a bit concerned that I will struggle to take it off during the summer months, meaning people will think I only own a lab jacket.
Since starting a new chapter in my life a few weeks ago, I have been a lot more yolo with my dressing and I am finally getting to wear things which I love, even if I look a bit cray. Watch this space for more weird get ups.

I don't think you're ready for this jelly.

Summer '14 is definitely the season of the jelly shoe. As someone who loved jellies when I was little, I am waaaay too excited to see the return of these bad boys. So much so that I already have two pairs...
One of my fondest memories of the jelly shoe has to be wearing a bright purple pair on holiday was I was little. I went for a paddle in the sea, only to realise that my shoes weren't done up and suddenly I saw one of them drifting away into the Med never to be seen again.
Maybe it is the nostalgia of the one that got away that has drawn be back, or the fact that they are so damn cool? Either way, I am welcoming back the jelly with open arms.  

Color Run

Yesterday morning, the family clan ventured to the Etihad for the Color Run. Thankfully, it was a beautifully sunny day, which made all the paint throwing even more exciting.
This year, my sister was running with her friend Katie. Both of them were running in aid of Motor Neurone Disease - Clo's just giving page is here
It was an amazing day out, and the atmosphere was incredible. So much so, that we have all decided to do it next year.
Now for the pictures...