New Year, New Blog.

Happy new year to all.

For the past few months, I have wanted to change my blogging platform. So, what better day to go ahead and do it than the first of January.

New Year, New Blog.

So go on and give

a follow. Or not. I don't mind.

At first, I wanted to move all of this content over. I tried and failed. I have since decided to start the new one as fresh. I'll keep this lovely little blog open for the foreseeable. But i'm hoping that my new stuff is much more kick ass.

Perfect night sleep

I'm a big lover of sleep, I would even go as far as saying it is one of my favourite times of the day. I'm quite a good sleeper, but I love anything that can help me to sleep a little quicker and deeper. My current favourite bedtime candle is this huge three wick lavender and geranium candle - this smells incredible and the scent fills the room within minutes of lighting. I am definitely a three wick convert. Another firm bedtime favourite comes in the form of the thisworks deep sleep pillow spray, it is mainly lavender scented but is my ultimate bedtime accompaniment. The perfect nightime duo.

Gift warp love

I have a bit of a thing for wrapping. And when I say 'thing' I mean I turn into a crazy lady whenever I think about wrapping. I truly adore all things gift giving, and making presents look as beautiful as possible is really important. This year, I wanted a nifty way of packing some jewellery, so when I spotted these boxes in H&M, I knew I had filled my gift wrap hole. Love.

Body butter pod

As a pamper session lover, I'm all about spreading the pamper session love to my nearest
and dearest - especially in the form of Christmas presents.
During a recent Body Shop event, I loaded my basket with pamper goodies to make sure all of my favourite ladies have plenty of goodies this year.
This pod of body butters is perfect  - it contains a selection of butters in a multitude of flavours. Perfect for every mood!
I also picked up this lovely candy cane of lip balms - it may not be edible, but it looks truly delicious. Part of me really wants to crack this open, but i'll try to resist. Promise!

The Mickey Money bank

Sticking to my recent gifting theme, here is one of these best novelty gifts I have seen around this Christmas. It goes without saying that I am a HUGE Disney fan, so when I spotted this Mickey Mouse money bank in Urban Outfitters, I knew that it was coming home with me. I'll be honest, this gift might end up being for me - i'm hoping this will be an incentive to start saving in the new year. Watch this space..

Truly opulent notebooks.

Whilst on a recent trip to H&M, I spotted this gorgeous set of mini note books! As a bit of a stationary fan, I couldn't possibly leave these behind. Seeing as we are currently in the festive season, I won't be keeping these beauties for myself. I think that these are a lovely little stocking filler and these look and feel really luxurious.  I'm hoping the recipient loves them as much as I do!

3 more candles

I love a good candle, especially when the weather gets a little chillier and my desire to wrap up warm gets a little higher. When I spotted this little set of candles in boots I couldn't leave them behind, even more so when I noticed 'Backcurrant and Fig'. I cant resist fig candles. All three of these candles smell delicious and i'm super excited to start burning them. These would also be a lovely Christmas gift, I may have picked up a set or two to share around this festive season..

Cute Cards.

Here are my super cute Christmas cards for this year. I love them so much that I couldn't resist giving them a little show off. Nothing better than a little bit of festive humour!

Necklace lovin

I never used to like gold jewellery, but now i'm all over the stuff. My newest love comes in the form of this hoop necklace.

Benefit minis.

I'm a sucker for buying myself gifts around Christmas. I know, not the point, at all. But when I recently popped into Boots, I saw an amazing little stand of pick and mix Benefit. As a lover of novelty, I just had to indulge. The stand had loads of little bowls of products and I picked up a selection of bits I love and wanted to try. For £15 you get 4 minis, I have compared these to normal Benefit minis and they are definitely bigger than normal.
A perfect Christmas present that you might not want to give away.

Bumble and Bumble

When it comes to hair care, there's no brand better than Bumble and Bumble. When I had a few spare birthday pennies left, I had to treat myself to a few B&B bits.
Sunday shampoo had been on my list for a considerable amount of time, and boy am I glad I indulged. After a full week of me plying on the product, this leaves my hair fresh and beautifully clean. Definitely a key staple in my Sunday pamper sessions.
Never one to turn down looking like a surfer babe, I had to also indulge in the famous Bumble and Bumble Surf spray. I've been using this constantly to achieve beachy locks with a bit more volume. If you're a lover of messy hair, this is 100% a product for you. 

An advent treat

It is no secret that I love beauty products. In fact, some may say i'm a bit of a beauty junkie. I have a multitude of nail varnish and way more lipsticks than I can shake a stick at, I just cant get enough. For the second year running, I thought I would treat myself to a beauty advent calendar. I can't wait to open a tiny beauty treat each day on the run up to Christmas.

Holidays are coming

Christmas is easily my favourite time of year, nothing makes me happier than thinking about the most wonderful time of year.
I'll be honest, I start the Christmas countdown in October, but the 1st of December is when I really start to up the amp. Most of my Christmas shopping is now done, I started in June, so now I can sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities.
Seeing as the Coca Cola advert signifies the start of Christmas, this top was needed.
Holidays are coming!


As a beauty junkie, I love a good old set. My new favourite being in the form of this bronzy set from Smashbox. I literally cannot get enough of these bits! The bronzer is my new favourite go to bronzer, it is the best contour shade ever. I am in love. Next on my rave list is the full exposure mascara, this literally makes my lashes grow and grow and grow. The lip colours are also sensational, i'm currently loving the whole 90's brown thing and the lipstick and the gloss are amazing! i'm now off to pretend i'm a bronzed goddess like Blake Lively.

The new bobble.

I'm big on buying into a hype. So, when I saw these new hair bobbles absolutely everywhere I just knew I had to get them. And boy am I so happy I did, they are definitely the best bobbles I have ever used. The perfect messy bun addition.

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream.

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream

As my skin is slowly but surely improving (wahooo) I have started to delve a little deeper into the world of lighter bases. I'm happy to say that there are some days where I only need a slight hint of colour, and the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream is perfect for these days. As a bit of a skincare/ makeup hybrid, I can slap this on after cleansing and go. The cream is initially white, however after blending, it leaves a nice healthy glow to the skin with enough coverage to hide a lot of redness. I have been wearing this on its own at weekends, if i'm just popping to the shops, and I have also taken to wearing it under my foundation during the week at work for a little somethin' extra. I am a huge fan of this and I can definitely feel it becoming a staple.   

Ridin Solo

Skärmavbild 2014-06-27 kl. 09.59.58
One thing I love is my own company. Not in a creepy loner way, but I really do enjoy doing things by myself.
For some people, going for lunch alone is extremely daunting. And the idea of shopping alone fills some people with dread. For me, the idea of a bit of 'me time' makes me happy.
There is something about doing what you want, when you want that is totally exhilarating. Luckily, I commute daily and so get at least 2 hours a day to myself, and an hour of this I get to bury my head into a book. Being alone fills me with much needed time to chill out and filter through my thoughts.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore spending time with other people. If i'm at home and people are around ill undoubtedly spend my time with them. But sometimes, it is nice to get away from it all.
If there is one thing I would love to do, it would be to go on a mini break by myself. Maybe to a spa, or a city break. Who knows what my independence holds?

Turkish Delight.

As soon as we come into autumn, I whip out the candles double time. I just can't get enough.
One of my favourite ever candles is 'Blush' from Lily Flame. This smells just like rose Turkish delight, which to me, is one of the most Christmassy scents ever.
A few years ago, I introduced a rule, that if I am watching Narnia, I have to have Turkish delight to snack on. Luckily, I now also have a way of making the entire house smell of sweets. Success.

Feelin impassioned

MAC Impassioned

It is well documented that I am somewhat of a lipstick lover. I love anything from bright to nude. When it comes to lips, I'll try anything.
Mac Impassioned is a beautiful shocking pink. This one definitely packs a punch.
As for all Mac lipsticks, the formulation is amazing and has a super long lasting finish.
This one is definitely recommended for anyone after a gorgeous pink.


I've said it before, and i'll say it again, I love baths. Along with loving baths, I also love bath bombs. Luckily, some of my favourite people know this, so when it comes to my birthday/Christmas, they lovingly gift me with a few bath time treats.
Most recently, one of these lovely gifts was 'Phoenix' from Lush. This bath bomb has two layers, the outer being a purple one and then the middle one is green. The idea of this bath bomb is that the green will 'rise like a phoenix'. Pretty cool.
When I dropped this ballistic in the bath it went lovely and purple and left a gorgeous colour - even after the green had started to fizz.
At first, the scent of Phoenix was quite spicy, but it soon turned into a lovely floral scent.
The overall bath experience of this was great, but my favourite part has to be how amazingly moisturised and nourished my skin felt afterwards. Absolutely gorgeous.

One for Disney lovers.

I am one of the biggest Disney fans ever. I can quote all of the classics, and singing along is second nature. Although I'm starting to become a proper grown up, I do try to incorporate Disney into my life in as many ways as possible. When I first saw this case I just had to get it, a stained glass window full of Disney characters = the coolest thing in the world. I cant stop staring at it, and every time I do, I come across new characters. I am in love.

Food, glorious food.

I am a huge foodie. As much as I love eating, I also love cooking, but I never find myself with enough time/motivation to make anything from scratch. In an attempt to higher my motivation levels, I decided to look for some cook books to spice things up. Punny.
After a large search of the net, I found that these would be the best option for mouth watering recipes. After a quick flick through, I have found loads of things that I can't wait to make. Well, eat.
Watch this space for (hopefully) nice pictures of delicious food.

More stuff.

Oh look, more home stuff. This time, my new home haul comes in the shape of a throw. I absolutely love this quilt, best of all, it was an absolute bargain at £15 from Primark. I am ridiculously excited to snuggle up with this as the nights get cooler.

The Make-Up, make up bag.

I'm currently loving slogan bags and I've wanted to get my hands on one for ages. Obviously, when I came across this snazzy little make up bag in Primark, I had to get it. I love that it has two sections, i'll definitely be using the front one for brushes. I probably own enough make-up bags already, but, YOLO.

A face massage.

I frequently buy random stuff. However, I think I have really out randomed myself with a face massaging mitt. Having said that, I think it is really cool, I have found that it has been useful during my weekly pamper session. I cant say that this has improved skin, at all, but it quite fun to use - and, that's the main thing, right? Probably not.
It also has a little sucker on the back, which makes it perfect for the bathroom.
Look at me trying to justify it...

Notebook love.

I love stationary a crazy amount. I especially love notebooks. When I spot a notebook I love, i'll instantly fall in love. To be honest, my stationary obsession is a little weird, but so I am. I best stop before I write hundreds of words about this lovely little book. I'm going to write lots and lots of lovely lists in it. I am sure you are over the moon to know that. Yep, yes you are.

A milk bottle.

I think we can all agree that everyone in the world needs an empty milk bottle. No? Just me?..
Well, I thought that it was perfectly appropriate to buy one. Yeah, that's right, I bought this glass milk bottle. But doesn't it look lovely when filled with coloured straws? Oh yes it does!
I agree, crazy milk bottle lady needs a lie down..

A cute little pot.

Here is another post wasted on something cute! Do I care? No I don't!
I have absolutely no idea what I am going to store in this tiny little pot, but as soon as I do, i'll be sure to post an update. I know, you are on tender hooks to see that.

Cute cake moulds.

This one is for all of the baking enthusiasts out there. How freaking cute are these mini cake moulds?! I know that they bring absolutely nothing to the table, and are probably a wasted post. But they are so lovely to look at, that they are getting a post anyway.

Cactus party.

On a recent trip to Ikea, me and my sister went crazy in the cacti section. Cool kids, I know.
I went for the little cutesy offering, in the form of a family of 3; whereas my sister went for the biggest cactus she could find.
Hopefully, looking after these is foolproof..